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REACH the lost among the Nations

TEACH and Equip disciples to do the work of ministry

RELEASE them into the Mission Fields


Reaching 3 million people can be quite a challenge, especially when that people group faces the barriers of a different language, culture, and a new way of life within another country. Because of these difficulties, many Vietnamese have congregated into communities of their own. The older generation often strives to hold onto their culture, while the younger people often wish to embrace the freedom and individualism that were unknown or unacceptable in Vietnam.


Reaching the Vietnamese begins by developing relationships with them. Wherever God has called us to, VOI starts reaching out to different groups of Vietnamese around the world through our traditional food and language. The first stage of our vision is to reach out to the community and form friendships with them. From there, we would expand the outreaches to the local community with the partnership of many local churches and leaders. Because so many of the Vietnamese work multiple jobs, holidays like Christmas, Thanksgiving, Chinese New Year, and other local national holidays are often prime opportunities to have evangelistic outreaches. 


As we develop relationships and see souls come to Christ after each outreach event, we move on in our vision and teach them how to develop their personal relationship with Christ and share their experiences to others around them. Then we teach them how to become Soul Winners. As the Vietnamese Christians reach out to their friends and co-workers with great results that they see those around them get saved, they continue on with our many levels of training to become Cell Leaders, Church Planters, and so on. The local churches who partner with us would continue training for their people as well.


As the new converts are being trained with the necessary leadership skills and are developing spiritual insight into God's direction, they start to lead small cell groups. In these groups, they train others in Christian disciplines, such as soul winning and continue to win souls and disciple others into His Kingdom. They later might become elders, leaders, pastors, and church planters in their respective communities.


For those who are already in God's family serving as leaders, pastors, and church planters, we have special training for them to further develop their personal and ministry growth. We schedule two to three leadership conferences a year in different locations to train leaders who come from Laos, Cambodia, Viet Nam, China, Malaysia, etc...


The final stage of our vision is raising up Leaders and Church Planters. After all the training, we would release them out into the mission fields to continue the work of ministry. These Vietnamese Christians develop congregations of Cell Leaders and Soul Winners. The Church Planters develop into the local pastor of the church, which trains additional workers for the Kingdom. We pray that in ten years there will be thousands of church planters among the millions of Vietnamese population. Ultimately, this will lead to sending many Vietnamese missionaries out into the world and then back to Vietnam. Some of them do go back to Vietnam as missionaries to their family and neighbors who would never get a chance to hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Every worthwhile venture does not come without cost, but who can put a price tag on the worth of a soul? At PAUL AI MINISTRIES (VOI), we believe in building the foundation with the materials God has already given us. We have started in this vision and will continue to grow as God opens the doors to many nations and provides us with the necessary materials.

To effectively realize our vision, our needs include tracts and books, training materials, evangelistic audio and visual tapes and funding for outreach events. Eventually, it is also our goal to produce a Christian Vietnamese radio program and investigate other broadcasting possibilities.

Please pray with us that our Lord will continue to provide for our needs as we win Vietnamese souls for Christ, as well as many souls among the nations.

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