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We have many events throughout the year. You can:


'Partner with VOI' in Soul Winning

'Volunteer' at one of our orphanages

'Join' one of our Mission Trips in South East Asia


For the safety and security of our brethren in a sensitive security area, we are not posting our Schedule of Events. If you would like to obtain our current schedule, Please 'CONTACT' us for more information!


If you would like to bless our ministry with your finances, please visit the 'GIVE' tab for donations.

In Phnom Penh, Cambodia, we saw a different need for the younger generation, of the Vietnamese local children who lack the means to nutrition and education, VOI have established a refuge center called Lighthouse Children's Refuge to house these children during the day as many of them have been exploited because of their family situations. With that, VOI wants to love on them and change their minds in a positive way and want them to know that God is their father and we are their mother and we both love them and care for them very much. Therefore, instead of calling it an orphanage, we call it a Refuge center, as many of them might still have families, who cannot provide for them or teach them better. With the same vision, we REACH out to these children and feed them daily, TEACH and educate them with life skills including learn how to read and write in different lanquages as well as how to use computers, sewing machine, dance, sing, etc... We also teach them the Bible until they're mature in their age and walk with the Lord, then we RELEASE them back into their community to shine their light as a new Creation. We have partners and volunteers from VOI as well as from different churches in many countries to teach these children the Word of God as well as provide for their physical needs. However, we welcome new partners who will stand with us in this mission.


Our goal at VOI is to build a school and training facility in Cambodia so that we have a place to train leaders and church planters in Southeast Asia. This facility would also be used to provide education for children in our growing orphanages as well as the local community.


Click Here for more details about Lighthouse Children's Refuge Center >>




VOI has many outreaches each year in different parts of the world, as Dr. Paul & Ruth Ai travel throughout South-East Asia and Europe. Prime time for outreaches are during:


SUMMER - from late spring throughout summer

(May - September), sometimes in the Fall


WINTER - for Christmas, New Year, and Chinese New Year

(November - January/February)


Please review our 'GALLERY' page to see our past and current outreaches and events' pictures for more information.

Volunteer & Missions


INDIVIDUAL: If you feel like God has called you into missions or you just want to experience being on a mission's trip, this is the perfect place for you to learn and grow with God through serving others and experiencing cultures.


1. PRAY about joining our team on the Mission field, either short term or long term.


2. CONTACT us to see where God will lead you and how we can help! You can join us at any time as we always have a need for volunteers and would love to meet people who want to experience the fullness of God through Missions.


3. If you have a specific gift in Media (Photography, Videography, Writing, etc.), we would love to have you help us capture the many ministry events we have throughout the year. If you have other gifts, please let us know as well and see how God can use your gifts on the mission field.


CHURCH: If your group would like to bring a team to join us on the mission field, please CONTACT us to find out our schedule. We have different types of outreaches, including bringing medical/dental teams, bringing sports and creative teams, teaching and training pastors and church planters, marriage conferences, youth events, etc. and your church can help us reach the unreach!

Guest Speaker


If you are blessed by Pastor Paul and his testimony/ministry and would like for him to come visit and speak at your church or at any of your events in the United States or overseas, please 'CONTACT' our office or email us to find out his schedule for the upcoming months/year.


For churches in the United States: Pastor Paul & Ruth Ai are usually returned to the U.S. to visit their children and to meet with their church partners after missions in Asia. He would be delighted to be at your church to share about what God has been doing in the mission fields.


For churches from Overseas: Please contact to see when he will be available to travel to your country to speak at your church. You can also find out when he will be traveling in and/or near your area/country as he travels to speak in different countries. He would love to visit your church or speak at your upcoming events.

VOI partner annual lucheon/dinner


Annually, after a great harvest in missions, Pastor Paul & Ruth Ai and the VOI Board members would host an event to share testimonies and updates about VOI progress to our existing and new partners.


The event is usually located at VOI office home church based in Hampton, Virginia in the Spring time. We would love to have you come and hear more about the work of PAUL AI MINISTRIES (VOI) and to be blessed in hearing wonderful testimonies of people who have joined pastors Paul & Ruth Ai on the most recent mission fields. We usually update our partners on any upcoming events at the luncheon/dinner meeting as well.


As a Vietnamese tradition, we would always serve delicious Vietnamese/Asian food at the event. Information regarding our annual event is usually posted on our Facebook page prior to the event. We welcome all current, new and/or potential partners to join us in this exciting time of fellowship.

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