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Dr. Paul Ai was born into a strong Buddhist family in Vietnam. At a young age, he was sent to a pagoda to train to become a Buddhist monk. He became one of the top monks in his town who everyone looked up to. As he grew up, he became very frustrated and realized there was no hope or power in the doctrines of Buddhism. He was disappointed, so he studied black magic and became a witch doctor and rose to the top in witchcraft. He served 3,366 gods who gave him the power to perform many miracles. He was bound in their strongholds. He became disappointed in the devil's power when a Christian crusade came to his town in 1970. Dr. Paul was determined to stop and to shut down the Christian meetings with the power of his 3,366 gods, but at the end of the crusade, he found out that they were no match for the God of the missionaries. Although he lost the battle in the spiritual realm, he won in Jesus Christ. He found all the answers he was searching for in life through the Holy Bible then. So Dr. Paul gave his life to the Lord Jesus Christ at the end of the crusade and has been serving Him since.


Dr. Paul has faced many persecutions throughout his life since he accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior. He was disowned by his family and rejected by his community. He was also persecuted by the local Vietnamese government for believing in Jesus Christ and for sharing the gospel as he only shared his testimony to others of how God changed his life. He served over ten and a half years in Vietnamese communist prisons and forced labor camps for his belief in the gospel. But in all those dark places, God always showed His faithfulness! Dr. Paul studied the Bible, went to Bible schools, and later became a pastor and church planter. He planted hundreds of underground churches under communist watch. He was the founder and the first general superintendent of the Assemblies of God of Vietnam for over 25 years, who led over 10,000 people under his leadership. He also mentored thousands of pastors, church planters, and cell leaders under his leadership and planted hundreds of churches all over the country, especially in those hard to reach places, while in Vietnam.


Dr. Paul received his BA in Ministries, his MA in Theology and another in Counseling, his Doctorate in Theology, and his Ph.D. in Education Leadership from different seminaries, colleges, and universities in the U.S. and overseas.


In 1999, Dr. Paul Ai was arrested during a conference while training top underground pastors and church planters in North Vietnam. The communist government was keen to execute him, however, God used the United Nations and the United States Religious Freedom leaders to intervene. The Vietnamese government decided to deport Dr. Paul out of his own country like a criminal, as he cannot return home to Vietnam after deportation, just because of his belief in the gospel and sharing his testimony with others. Through the Holy Spirit, a church in the United States sponsored him and his family to Hampton, Virginia where they reside. Dr. Paul Ai continues to serve God and shares the gospel in the United States and around the world since then.


Dr. Paul is now the founder and president of PAUL AI MINISTRIES - Vietnamese Outreach International (VOI) with over 40 years of experience in leadership and teaching. He is currently serving in the Kingdom as an apostle and evangelist around the world with his lovely wife, Rev. Ruth Ai. They spend the majority of their time overseas reaching out to the Vietnamese community as well as to the local communities around the world in a vision that all people will get a chance to hear the good news of Jesus Christ. They hosted many crusades each year worldwide, planted churches and Bible schools in many countries in South-east Asia, and started a few orphanages through the partnership of churches and individuals of PAUL AI MINISTRIES (VOI). They spoke and taught at many churches and schools in the United States as well as around the world.


You can learn more about Dr. Paul Ai's testimony and ministry journey by getting his first published book, 'From Witch Doctor to Aspostle'. This book is Dr. Paul's testimony of the challenges he has faced in the service of His Lord - from persecution, to prison, and to deportation - always emerging victorious by the matchless power of His Master, Jesus Christ! Many lives have been changed through this book, and it is a great gift for your unsaved friends and family.

His second book, 'Super Yoga', will be coming out soon in 2016. It is a look into how to live a daily life on earth as a follower of Jesus Christ, victorious and fulfilled. This is another great gift for you, as well as those who are saved and unsaved.

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