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Thao & Frank

Wedding Gift/Donation Match

Thao in Refugee Camp in Hong Kong

Thao in Hong Kong as a refugee

Thao and I are truly excited to share with you a compassion that we have and will continue to be involved in for years to come. I met Rev. Dr. Paul Ai at his daughter’s wedding five years ago. At that time, he gave me his book “From Witch Doctor to Apostle”, an incredible story of transforming life and giving to those in need. We decided to get involved with his work: helping the vulnerable children in poor countries.

Thao was born and grew up in a very poor Vietnam. When she was a teenager, she left the country in pursuit of freedom and a better life. She survived an ocean voyage and ended up living in the refugee camp in Hong Kong. After five years, she could not get refugee status so had to repatriate back to Vietnam. She had the opportunity to work with an organization that helped ethnic minorities in the Northwest rural region of Vietnam. She helped the poorest of the poor. Then she left Vietnam to pursue higher education in the United States. After all these years, Thao continues to help those in need. Through the Lighthouse Children's Refuge (LCR) center and the project led by Dr. Paul Ai, we want you to be a part of this amazing work.

In our daily routines, most of us forget how fortunate we truly are. But there are so many people in this world that need our help. We all need to give back and help those who need it. It’s time for us to feel blessed by helping the less fortunate ones. The Lighthouse Children’s Refuge (LCR) is an amazing organization that helps Vietnamese children trapped in poverty in Cambodia.

Your generosity is greatly appreciated. Thao and I will match (1:1) all contributions that are made. There is a link in the website that gives you the opportunity to provide a tax-deductible donation.

Thank you and God Bless You!

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Donate to LCR

Your gift will bring hope and change to sponsored children's lives and their community. Through your sponsorship, you'll help Lighthouse Children's Refuge (LCR) center assist the children with better nutrition, education, clean water, clothing and medical treatment.

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Lighthouse Children's Refuge (LCR) Center in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, was created to provide a safe shelter for many Vietnamese children and young teens living in the floating village. These are children who do not have a place to go to during the day due to their lack of having a family to care for them, difficult family situations, and extreme poverty. While many of these children might have living relatives, they are unable to provide the basic needs for the children such as food, clothing, personal hygiene, education, etc.; and many of them get sold into modern-day slavery by their families or relatives when coming of age. Once they are sold, there isn't much we can do to bring them back as most of these cases are tied to mafia gangs and corruptions. Therefore, we try our best to reach out to these families ahead of time in order to prevent these sad situations from happening to their children and to give them hope for the future.


We don't call LIGHTHOUSE CHILDREN'S REFUGE (LCR) an Orphanage, but rather a REFUGE CENTER because these children are not necessary orphans, but only lack loved ones. We want them to know that God loves them, and we love them. Whether or not they have parents or relatives, we want to show them that God is their Father who loves them unconditionally, and we are their Mothers who will take care of them, those who love, care, feed, teach, support, and pray for them from all over the world.

How is LCR helping?





Paul Ai Ministries - Vietnamese Outreach International (VOI) and LCR Sponsors fill in the gap to give these children the essential needs and education that they deserve but can rarely afford. We give them the basic needs like food, clothing, education materials, hygiene products; while teaching them how to read and write in different languages including Vietnamese, Khmer, and English. At the same time we have volunteers to teach them other subjects like math and nurture them with many skills like computer, music, sew, and cook, etc., to better these children's lives. Then they can develop personal skills, grow up, find legal work, and contribute back to their family and community in the future. Later, they can help other children in need with Lighthouse Children's Refuge in Cambodia and their community.

Why Sponsor a Child with

Paul Ai Ministries (VOI) and LCR?

When you sponsor a child through us, you join in walking with that child -- along with the child's family and community -- as they move from struggling to thriving. Through consistent monthly support, letters, and prayers -- you and your sponsored child build a relationship that makes a lasting difference.

The Child is Blessed with:

  • Improved nutrition and access to clean water to drink

  • A poverty-busting education and life skills

  • Life-changing training for parents on how to care for their children better

  • Community projects to create a safe environment where children thrive

  • The knowledge that someone loves them and wants them to succeed

  • Hope for a better life and future

You Are Blessed with:

  • The knowledge that YOU stepped in to help end poverty in the life of a child

  • The knowledge that YOU helped bring education and nutrition to that child

  • The opportunity to stop that child from being sold into human trafficking

  • The opportunity to communicate directly with the child you sponsor

  • Updated photos of the child and prayer requests from the community

  • Important reports of progress in the country where your sponsored child lives


Remember, everything you give/donate to VOI is fully tax-deductible as we will send a tax-donation-form to you each year that you give.




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'It is more blessed to give than to receive.'
ACTS 20:35



Please CONTACT our office for any questions you might have.



Thank you for being an essential part of LCR in Cambodia.
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An inspired movie to show how Human Trafficking still exists in Cambodia
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